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هدية لعيد الأمهات 1 صندوق 16 شبكات وردة صابون اصطناعية - ملكي

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USD 6.75

سعر السوق USD 18.98

وصف المنتج

نوع النبات: ارتفع
مواد: صابون
وشملت المنتجات: صندوق
الطول: 16.5
عرض: 16.5
ارتفاع: 5.5
وزن: 0.2995kg
محتويات الحزمة: 16 × الورود الاصطناعية 1 × صندوق هدية

A brief introduction of soap flowers :

Soap flower is a kind of soap, it is artificial, it is made by hand. The soap flowers usually contain a good moisturizing factor for the skin. When soap flower meets water, it melts ,and then it is absorbed by the skin. It has a good effect of eliminating fatigue and fatigue resistance, which is commonly used for washing a face and having a bath. The biggest characteristic of soap flower is strengthen immunity, have certain aromatherapy effect. It can be used as a gift to others . It's very convenient to carry.

Method :

It can be used for hand washing,bath.

Remove the petal of a little (1/3-1/2) into the palm of the hand , rub with water to bubble, wash your hands.

When the bathtub filled with water , thrown amount of soap rose pental in it , you can enjoy a romantic bathing.


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