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15مجموعة فرش ماكياج ميرميد أومبير - ردي الأزرق

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USD 11.99

سعر السوق USD 13.89

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وصف المنتج

الفئة: فرش مجموعة ماكياج
فرشاة شعر المواد: شعر اصطناعي
الميزات: المحترفين
الموسم: خريف,ربيع,الصيف,شتاء
وزن: 0.1300kg
محتويات الحزمة: 15 × (فرش (قطع


- Quantity: 15pcs ultra soft fiber hair makeup brush set

- Brush Hair: high quality synthetic hair

- Suitable for both professional use and home use
- Easy to stick powder, rendering uniform
- No fading and no hair dropping brushes boost and present your life taste
- Used on the face to apply,blend or contour multiple mediums
- It is portable and convenient to use and carry

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  • By Sep. 04, 2017 at 00:39:09 AM

    Absolutely love these brushes, the colour is beautiful and the design is so cute. All really good for using on the eyes/brows, but not big enough for the face other than highlighter. The shape of the bristles on the fan brush came a little weathered from the packaging but this can be expected.
    • 15مجموعة فرش ماكياج ميرميد أومبير تعليقات
  • By 29u0p7rw Jan. 24, 2018 at 18:13:37 PM

    Very nice quality, soft brushes, and cute design. I bought this as a birthday gift for one of my friends and she absolutely loves them. Delivery time did take longer than expected (almost a whole month later) so it was a late bday gift for her but she’s totally happy and so am I.
    • 15مجموعة فرش ماكياج ميرميد أومبير تعليقات
  • By Demonicangel80 Nov. 28, 2017 at 14:27:46 PM

    Super cute set of brushes. Soft bristles & nice colors. They don’t have much weight to them though but for the price I can’t complain. I really only bought these with the idea of displaying not actual use so I’m not mad at the quality but I think these would be nice for makeup beginners.
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