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بونوت ورقة طباعة سموكيد الأعلى مع الكشكشة السراويل - الأزهار L

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طبعة الاستوائية طبقتين تغطي قطعة تغطي يشمل كامي الأعلى اقتصاص الأشرطة قابل للتعديل للانفصال، مطوي سموكيد الظهر، بونوت في الجبهة مع الكشكشة تنحنح السراويل، الخصر مرونة.

التستر نوع: القيعان,أعلى
جنس: للمرأة
مواد: البوليستر
نوع نمط: طباعة
وزن: 0.2700kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × أعلى 1 × السراويل

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  • By 734y2gk2 Aug. 24, 2017 at 16:44:13 PM

    I didn't have crazy high expectations for this set considering the price, but it turned out to be pretty cute. I love the shorts, they fit just right and are really flattering. The top isn't great for a few reasons: the adjustable straps are removable, and they come unhooked from the top too easily, making a wardrobe malfunction in public a little too likely. The top isnt nearly as flattering as the shorts, but I'm hoping i can make it work with the right strapless bralette possibly. The main thing however, is that the coloring is dramatically different than the photo posted. There must be a filter on Zaful's photo because the set is much more vibrant than in real life, which some may like, but I do not. The photo shows a more muted green and cream, but in reality is a bright green, brigth white, and pink. Definitely will wear the shorts with a different top, but not so sure about the full set. Overall though, cute and worth it for the affordable price, even if you only wear the bottoms.
  • By 12571613 Jul. 27, 2017 at 10:23:16 AM

    GORGEOUS!!!! Love love love it! My photos don't really do it justice! But it's so good! As soon as I touched it I knew it was well made! Love the little ziplock it came in too! Definitely recommend! Colours just like in the pictures. I ordered size L coz I wanted it to go over my bathers on holiday. I'm Australian size 10-12, approx. 154cm tall. The cutest set! You'd be silly not to buy this especially at this price!!!!! LOVE!
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  • By ms.debbie.yip Feb. 11, 2018 at 18:43:34 PM

    Love the print. The straps on the top is incredibly short! Not even sure how it would work for someone with larger boobs. Would probably have to wear without the straps and risk a wardrobe malfunction. Fortunately, the girls are on the smaller side so it worked out ok. Ordered a M. Usually S/M. The elastic on the shorts kind of dig and creates a mini muffin top, but I can live with it.
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