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كتلة اللون طماق اليوغا هندسية - M

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USD 16.60

سعر السوق USD 28.23

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نمط الملابس: سروال ضيق
الطول: عادي
مواد: نايلون,ألياف لدنة
نوع الخصر: منتصف
نوع الاغلاق: مرونة الخصر
نوع نمط: هندسي
وزن: 0.2500kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × طماق

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  • By I-Tonya Feb. 22, 2018 at 03:29:08 AM

    I was happily surprised about the good fabric quality for these leggings! And the shipping was fast! There is only 2 things that were not so good. First of all the pink color is much brighter in reality than it is on the website (maybe it's my computers display, but in that case all the other clothes in this shop are SUPER bright). In the website the pink color-blocks are more like coral or pale pink shade, but in reality it's bubble gum or Barby-pink. It's o.k. with me now, just that I was expecting something a bit different.
    Second thing - the leggings has some weird spots (not like dirty stains, don't get me wrong!) They're more like manufacturing problem. Also some pretty long white stretch marks on one leg (next to the knee).
    Hope these few flaws can only be seen by the person who wears these leggings (the eye level and angle from above).
    Otherwise, thank you. Overall look is very good, and they fit very well. Will be shopping again!
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