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مايوه ضمادة قطع غارق الرقبة - اخضر غامق L

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USD USD15.49

سعر السوق USD 25.60

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يتميز مايوه أبيض بقطع الضمادة في الخصر وغارق الرقبة مع مبطن الصدرية، مناسبا للشاطئ وأي نشطات الماء.

ملابس السباحة نوع: قطعة واحدة
جنس: للمرأة
مواد: شنلن,ألياف لدنة
نمط الصدرية: مبطن
نوع الدعم: سلك الحرة
خط العنق: الرقبة تغرق
الخصر: ليس طبيعي
مرونة: المرن
وزن: 0.2200kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × ملابس السباحة

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  • By Beemoyle Jan. 21, 2019 at 16:44:56 PM

    Best Buy ever, wore couple of times on holiday and was a great fit just confusing to put on. I love the colour and looks exactly like the photo
    • مايوه ضمادة قطع غارق الرقبة تعليقات
  • By 534w150r Jan. 08, 2018 at 14:38:46 PM

    A very unique swimsuit! I really like it. Small fitted me well - I'm 5'3" or 160cm, A cup, 49kg. Normally a size 8 in Australian sizes, sometimes a size 6. So no issues for me about the chest area being too small, if anything it wouldn't hurt if it was a bit tighter. I like the padding in the swimsuit as it gives a smooth look. At the curve of the back the vertical line of the swimsuit doesn't lie against your back which feels a bit unusual but isn't too big of an issue. The material is less stretchy than I would have expected, so I do hope it stands the test of time. Shipping took 4 weeks to reach Australia.
    Overall though I am happy I got it, as it's so different and can't complain at the price! Am excited to wear it to the beach!
    • مايوه ضمادة قطع غارق الرقبة تعليقات
  • By confettitty Mar. 30, 2018 at 15:45:59 PM

    I totally wish I had gotten a bigger size. The back of the swimsuit doesn't hug tight to curve of your back, so there's an awkward space there. The material is very nice, and the design is incredibly sexy, !! but !! I was very, /very/ disappointed with one thing. The middle part covering the belly button is not centred, and it must have been a manufacturing error, which can't be helped. The middle part was stitched a little too far onto one side, so when looking at it on the body, it doesn't look too good. If you've got a more hourglass form or athletic figure, perhaps going a size up would be better!
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