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فستان زهري باردة الكتف لف ماكسي - الأزهار M

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USD 22.71

سعر السوق USD 39.75

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يمتاز هذا الفستان بطبعات مميزة مع طبعات زهور وظهر مربوط وطول الكاحل وأكمام قصيرة وشريط سباغيتي ، مما يجعله مثاليًا للشاطئ والمناسبات الصيفية.

• البوليستر

• اغسل بالماء البارد

• شنق الجافة

مناسبات: الشاطئ والصيف,عارض,يخرج
مواد: البوليستر
فساتين المدة: طول الكاحل
خط العنق: شريحة سباغيتتي
طول الكم: أكمام قصيرة
نوع نمط: الأزهار
مع حزام: لا
الموسم: الصيف
وزن: 0.3100kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × فستان

يتميز الفستان لف ماكسي بعالية الشق مع طباعة الأزهار

باردة الكتف

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Shiranيرتدى مقاسM

: 5'9"

الوزن: 122 Lbs

محيط الصدر: 36"

الخصر: 27"

الأوراك: 40"

الكتف: 16"

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  • By misswasian Oct. 12, 2017 at 01:38:39 AM

    Okay so this dress is super pretty AFTER YOU FIGURE OUT HOW TO PUT IT ON! To save you the trouble, there’s a hole in the right side of the dress that you feed the left strand through so you can tie both of the strands in the back. After you get it on correctly, it’s actually very flattering but it does dip low in the chest area, so I’ll probably get some boob tape and use some safety pins to wear it out. Also the material is thin and just a tad sheer so I’d recommend nude under garments. With all of that being said I’m very excited to wear this out. For reference I ordered a size large and my measurements (in inches) are bust 39 waist 33 and hips 42. I’m also 5’4 and it just barely grazes the floor so it’s the perfect length to wear sandals or wedges.
    • فستان زهري باردة الكتف لف ماكسي تعليقات
  • By hanakotoba Jul. 06, 2017 at 04:52:13 AM

    I loved this dress! It was a little surprising that it was wrap around dress and the sleeves took a little bit to figure out. Once i figured it out though, it was perfectly comfortable. The one thing that I am still trying to figure out is if I am going to be able to wear a bra with this dress. I may try to get those sticky boobs and see if it doesn't show but we shall see. I really did love how it made my waist look super tiny too! It accentuated all the right parts. The one thing that I can say is that in the picture the model is showing her leg through what seems to be a slit. I am honestly still trying to figure out how she did that. Basically the dress is as scandalous or non scandalous as you'd like.
  • By 75202y63 Jun. 15, 2017 at 21:24:33 PM

    I'm 5'7 a 32D and 130lbs. I ordered a size M. The fit was great. The dress wraps around and ties, I feel like due to the wrap, I could have gotten a small, but when I move my shoulders and arms I am glad I got a M.
    The material is nice and thick, so it's not see through. From the packaging, you will need to steam or iron this item. the length is beautiful. I used express shipping and got my order within 10 days too!
    • فستان زهري باردة الكتف لف ماكسي تعليقات
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