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فستان ماكسي متقاطع انقسام طباعة الأزهار - أحمر L

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USD 26.99

سعر السوق USD 41.11

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مناسبات: الشاطئ والصيف,عارض,يخرج
مواد: قطن,البوليستر
فساتين المدة: طول الكاحل
خط العنق: شريحة سباغيتتي
طول الكم: بلا أكمام
نوع نمط: الأزهار
مع حزام: نعم فعلا
الموسم: الصيف
وزن: 0.4000kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × فستان

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  • By if51h63k Feb. 19, 2018 at 21:36:41 PM

    I love this dress! It's so beautiful!! The only problem I had with is is that the strings are really long and when you make the X in the back like as shown on the picture the tie in the front isn't to flattering and will move around and go up your side boob a bit. So I just tied it as the halter but the strings drag on the floor so I'm going to cut them shorter but I'm scared the string are going to run. Other than that I'm happy with the product.
  • By DLax Apr. 23, 2018 at 11:31:14 AM

    I was a little worried about how the dress would fit but it is true to size, be aware that the leg slit goes all the way up so i will be safety pinning it. The quality is nice but the under slip part is a little see through but with the fabric (red and flowers) you cant see anything. Took a little longer than i wanted to get here but i am happy with my purchase!!
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  • By wanken2009 Apr. 13, 2018 at 12:58:06 PM

    beautiful dress! nice material, I got it to wear as a maternity dress this summer! the only issue I have is the slip is about short enough to show all the goods. I will try and add some extra fabric and definitely wear shorts. but, very beautiful and I'm excited to wear!
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