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هوديي مرسوم بنمط الحرف بجيب الجبهة - زهري S

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سعر السوق USD 39.33

السعر للعملاء الجدد :
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وصف المنتج

يتميز هوديي المريح برسم الحرف وجيب الكنغر وتصميم غطاء الرأس.

نمط الملابس: زُنط
طول الكم: ممتلئ
مواد: البوليستر
نمط: رسالة
وزن: 0.5900kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × هوديي

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  • By 184avh24 Dec. 30, 2017 at 16:44:29 PM

    I read the other reviews about sizing up and I completely agree. I wanted it to be as oversized as possible so I bought a 2XL. It fits like a medium on me lol. The sleeves and length are just right (standing up, it just covers my butt).

    Just be careful if you're sizing up: the hood will also be bigger. The hood for 2XL covers my eyes, but if I rest it farther back on my head, it'll look fine.

    The cat ears are super cute. I find that they rest more towards the back of the hood (it might just be because I bought a 2XL so the front portion of the hood might be a lot larger).

    Looks great with leggings or a skirt!
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  • By 550gn335 Dec. 21, 2017 at 10:18:07 AM

    It looked really cute and has a good shape. But the material is not very good. Anyway,the tracking information is like playing hide and seek. It disappears most of the time and when I had already received the hoodie it still says no tracking information,hope this could get improved. I emailed Zaful to ask about that and they answered the next day,thank you for that
  • By 44f924mk Dec. 18, 2017 at 23:10:36 PM

    This hoodie is so comfortable and definitely met my expectations! Arrived a little later than expected as I wanted to wear it as a basic halloween costume, but other than the delivery time it was what I wanted. Very warm, the lettering is solid and quality, and the cute ears on the hoodie add the finishing touch! Definitely recommend
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