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صدف تريم الكروشيه سلسلة بيكيني مجموعة - أسود

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USD 10.99

سعر السوق USD 24.79

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نوع نمط: صلب
ملابس السباحة نوع: بيكيني
الخصر: ليس طبيعي
وزن: 0.2000kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × البرازيلي 1 × ملخصات

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  • By Moonsandsirens_ Jan. 23, 2018 at 04:22:43 AM

    I saw an ad on FB, and i couldnt resist myself. One because me and my hunny were going to go on a little weekend getaway. And since we were staying in a resort, for the first time. I thought hey, Zaful looks promising. So i looked through all their bikinis, and since this type of bikini was the main trend in 2017, on IG. I wanted to see what the whole shabang was about. I think i ordered this about a week or 2 before our baecation. And just lucky enough it came just in time.

    *This bikini is not made for swimming in the ocean, lol. Almost pulled an Ariel.
  • By Allie Jul. 26, 2017 at 14:14:43 PM

    Love this bikini! I'm 5 ft 3, 145 lbs, and about a size 6 in jeans, 34B bra and it fit me really well. The bottoms are a little small, but nothing I can't work with. The top fits perfectly and all of the sea shells were in tack. It looks just like the picture! I ordered the black and although there is no padding, it's not see through at all. May be a little rough to go tubing or do water activities in, but perfect for laying at the pool/beach! Arrived in about 12 days.
  • By tayrut Apr. 12, 2018 at 17:45:37 PM

    Fits well. Seems sorta fragile tho and when I tie and untie it I\'m careful because the string is kinda thin and looks like it could potentially break one day. The front of the bottoms kinda sag a little bit too after a little while. Other than that it\'s really cute!!!True to size
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