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لباس سباحة عاري الظهر - أحمر L

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USD USD13.49

سعر السوق USD 21.99

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في هوى بلون، U الرقبة عارية الذراعين قطعة واحدة ملابس السباحة يضم قطع عالية في جانب الساق، وفتح في الجزء الخلفي، مع حمالة الصدر مبطن، الأشرطة بالتفصيل ملابس السباحة.

ملابس السباحة نوع: قطعة واحدة
جنس: للمرأة
مواد: نايلون
نمط الصدرية: غير المبطنة
نوع الدعم: سلك الحرة
خط العنق: يو الرقبة
نوع نمط: صلب
الخصر: ليس طبيعي
مرونة: المرن
وزن: 0.2200kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × لباس سباحة

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Shiranيرتدى مقاسM

: 5'9"

الوزن: 122 Lbs

محيط الصدر: 36"

الخصر: 27"

الأوراك: 40"

الكتف: 16"

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  • By DebH Jul. 19, 2017 at 12:07:48 PM

    I am giving this 4 stars because the fit issues I have are long torso and hourglass figure specific. The suit is very well made, so I don't feel like I could dock a bunch of points just because it doesn't fit me correctly. Couldn't select my bust size- 28H American or 28FF UK. The problem is if you've got measurements like mine, or proportionally like mine, you're probably better off with a two piece (and Zaful has dozens of them). My torso (wrap around measurement) is 60", or 28" if you go from the shoulder down the back. I ordered a size small for the rest of my measurements (35-25-35), but the suit ended up cutting into my shoulders and going thong-wise up the back. The waist was also way too big. I can grab a handful of fabric off of it. I wouldn't mind wrinkling at the waist, but the issue is that with my long torso, it stretches the suit tight like a drum and makes my waist look 4 or so inches bigger than it actually is. Tldr; long torso ladies should probably look at the large selection of bikinis and tankinis here instead.
  • By g85t551m Jan. 20, 2019 at 13:40:38 PM

    Super cute, fits well, love it, looks exaclty like the pictures, true to size, comfortable and of fantastic material I’m 105 lb and ordered this because it was like the only swimsuit in size XS and that’s what I got and it’s actually great; I was afraid about how it would look but it is good
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  • By t1z1k31d Jun. 06, 2017 at 02:41:03 AM

    Really great quality swimsuit. Was a little unsure about size from reading the reviews but I bought a small because I was scared a medium would be baggy. I'm 5'5" and roughly 120lbs and the suit is a little bit tight (if you're any taller than that or have a long torso I would suggest sizing up to a medium) but even after wearing it around the house for a day it's stretched out enough to be comfortable. The red is a lot brighter than the websites pictures but that's how I wanted it. It does have that shiny swimsuit material look to it and it sparkles a little bit in the sun because of it. Only took about 6 business days to get here (BC, Canada) so I got the suit in just over a week which was awesome. Overall I'm super pleased with it for the price because I wasn't able to find this anywhere else and it's exactly what I wanted.
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