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عالية قطع العصابة ثونغ المايوه - الأصفر L

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USD 12.87

سعر السوق USD 22.59

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أنيقة عالية قطع قطعتين ملابس السباحة يتميز العصابة طوق أعلى مع تمثال نصفي مبطن، مع الأشرطة التفاصيل. صممت قيعان بيكيني الساق عالية شكل ثونغ.
نمط: جنسي
ملابس السباحة نوع: بيكيني
بيكيني نوع: العصابة بيكيني
جنس: للمرأة
مواد: خلات,شنلن
نمط الصدرية: مبطن
نوع الدعم: سلك الحرة
خط العنق: حبل المشنقة
نوع نمط: اللون الصامد
الخصر: ليس طبيعي
مرونة: المرن
وزن: 0.2200kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × أعلى 1 س ملخصات

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  • By TinaStef Feb. 28, 2018 at 14:56:21 PM

    I just received my swimsuit, only 11 days after I placed the order! It was shipped the next day (even though it was a Sunday in the US) and arrived verrryyyy quickly - I was honestly surprised. I tried it out immediately and I have to say this is my favorite swimsuit I've ever had! The color is beautiful, the material is very light and soft and it fits me perfectly.
    I'm 5 10 (178cm), I have no boobs and an athletic body with a medium booty. No matter what clothing item it is, I always wear a medium (M) - tops, bottoms, swim, etc. I read all of the reviews on this swimsuit and was scared that if I got the M, the top would be too big since I have no boobs. However, both top and bottom fit great! Even if you had bigger boobs, this top would fit because that's how the swimsuit was made. However, if you have a big booty, I would go a size up, since the bottoms aren't too elastic (they aren't rigid either though) and are a bit smaller than the top. Now that my first order was amazing, I will definitely order more stuff!
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  • By DaniJ01 Oct. 04, 2017 at 05:33:49 AM

    I ordered a small I’m 125lbs and I’ve got kinda biggish hips for my body but not a huge bum or anything all the reviews said to size up as the bottoms are quite small which is definitely true they dig in a little bit but because I’m quite small in the bust department I went with a small anyway and thought if the bottoms don’t fit I could just wear with some plain black ones, the top fits perfectly and the bottoms look pretty good they’re very cheeky but I’m surprised that I actually don’t really mind, if I lost a bit off my hips the whole bikini would fit perfectly. I rate four stars just because of the fact that the bottoms seem to be a size smaller than the top.
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  • By emily Aug. 14, 2018 at 01:21:21 AM

    i got this bathing suit in a size xs. i'm typically a size 00 or 0 in bottoms, and a 32AA bust. i got this suit in black and burnt orange. i love them! even though i have a very flat chest, the top stays up! the bottoms don't dig into my hips, but are every cheeky as expected. overall everything fits so well! my only concern would be the fabric. the fabric for the black bikini is very thick, a good material for hiding the pads. but the orange one is a thinner material, making the pads more visable. overall very happy with my purchase and they are my new favorite bikinis! will probably buy in more colours!
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