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مقنعين اللون كتلة سروال قصير - الأصفر S

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USD USD39.99

سعر السوق USD 56.24

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وصف المنتج

ملابس نوع: السترات
نمط: موضه
مواد: قطن,البوليستر
اكتب: معتدل البنيه
الطول: منتظم
طول الكم: ممتلئ
طوق: مقنع
نوع نمط: كشكول
وزن: 0.8250kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × سترة

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التعليقات (1970)

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  • By mynameis Feb. 15, 2018 at 03:15:16 AM

    As a sceptic online buyer, I had a few doubts about this purchase. In the past I made a few orders online and they ended up never coming. I saw this jacket on Instagram adds and I really thought it looks very nice. As I said as a sceptic online buyer I had doubts I will truly receive it, but since I really like the design and color I took that risk. As you know like on every online shop there are some reviews and comments where the customers complain that they didn't receive the order, or maybe the customer service was poor, while waiting for this order I read some of those and to be honest I got a little scared, but this was not the case, not at all. It is true that the processing time took a little longer than normal, but that was because of stock problems not because of poor management. I submitted a ticket about this issue and the support management replied extremely fast and very profesional. They explained to me why is taking longer and advised me to wait a little more for the item to be shipped or to buy something else that's in stock for the same amount or more. I choose to be patient and wait a little more, but the truth is that in this kind of situations you have to stay calm and hope for the best. Few days after, my order got shipped and I can tell you with no lies it arrived in exactly 12 days after its shipment. Which in my opinion its extremely fast for standard shipping. The package arrived in 2 plastic bags, the jacket was in a zip bag from Zaful also, which I thought was very nice. The material seems to be good quality and meant to keep you warm, not to say the colors are amazing and same as in the photos from the product. The jacket its true to its size overall, normally I am an L size, but since I wanted it a little baggy I ordered XL, and it is like I wanted it. I'm very satisfied with the final outcome and I will definitely order another when their are back in stock :)
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  • By yasmin-786akhtar Feb. 16, 2018 at 19:42:52 PM

    Firstly I don’t usually write reviews. But this jacket caught my attention as it’s very 90s and stylish, I also know this is one of the popular products on the site as youtubers etc have tried and tested it. Short cut, this jacket is amazing. I want to wear it with everything i can’t wait to get out to wear it. I was skeptical about how long it would take as I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews, but I got it in exactly 2 weeks after I ordered which I didn’t expect. That was my main concern- WILL IT ARRIVE on time! (Wanted to wear it for my birthday day out) And of course it arrived within the shipping time it has on the site! I look stylish and hoping to stand out from the crowd in a good way ! About the fitting, I’m a size UK 8 I’m slim and I got a medium, arms are nice and oversized so is the waist nice and puffy. Very soft material it’s courdroy but still looks stylish, very light material not bulky at all. Will suit all seasons summer spring winter autumn. The red parts are very bright but I love it ! Overall a great purchase and I’m happy
    • مقنعين اللون كتلة سروال قصير تعليقات
  • By Ana Vieira Jan. 29, 2018 at 05:57:03 AM

    The shipping took a little bit longer than I thought (although I knew it would take longer than usual due to Christmas and New Years). I ordered it on the 12th December and got it on the 26th January. The tracking was not the best helper, as it didn't show me where my package was until de 24th January.

    I love the jacket, though it's actually smaller that I thought. I thought it will be oversized as it looks on the image, so I ordered an M as I usually wear. It fits just as a normal size and not bigger, so if you want something big you should order a bigger size and not yours thinking it's an oversized fit itself.

    The only thing that I'm sad about it's the color. I loved it before washing it but then the white turned into a light green (last image). BE CAREFUL WHEN WASHING IT OR YOURS WILL PROBABLY DISCOLOR TOO. I followed the washing instructions and was really careful but it happened anyway, so I don't know how to help more than just warning.
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