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النظارات المعدنية مرآة عين القط - الثلج الأزرق

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USD 11.49

سعر السوق USD 13.20

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وصف المنتج

مجموعة: بالغ
جنس: للمرأة
نمط: موضه
شكل: عين القط
مادة العدسة: الراتنج
مادة الإطار: أشابة
لون الاطار: متعدد الألوان
ارتفاع عدسة: 4.8CM
عرض العدسة: 6CM
طول المعبد: 13.8CM
أنف: 1.7CM
الإطار طول: 14.7CM
وزن: 0.0840kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × النظارات الشمسية

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  • By 35lq5726 Aug. 01, 2017 at 09:45:40 AM

    Really great for the price! They are sturdy and seem to provide good shading from light. Not too big for the face. The delivery isn't super fast but I think if you're buying something online don't buy it for an upcoming event because you're at high risk of it arriving after the estimated time. Mine took a couple of weeks to ship to Australia, but that was expected. Overall, very happy!
  • By Alicia Aug. 07, 2017 at 23:17:13 PM

    The sunglasses are so cute! It looks exactly like the picture and the quality is good. The only thing is that there's not much of a tint so they don't work well when you're out in the sun but the look of it is good and matches with any outfit. The glasses do create a reflection too (not see through).
    • النظارات المعدنية مرآة عين القط تعليقات
  • By nandinhah Mar. 29, 2017 at 11:51:55 AM

    Very beautiful glasses came perfect without any defect frame has a very modern ne design and the lens is in the color Rose gold. Perfect size I was delighted with the quality of the piece, I loved it !!! Super recommend it.
    • النظارات المعدنية مرآة عين القط تعليقات
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