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حجر الراين فو جوهرة الخرزة إسقاط أقراط - أحمر

التوفر: متوفر حاليا هري! يتبقى٪ s فقط

USD 1.72

سعر السوق USD 3.27

وصف المنتج

نوع القرط: انخفاض الأقراط
جنس: للمرأة
نوع المعدن: أشابة
نمط: شائع
شكل / نمط: هندسي
وزن: 0.0300kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × أقراط (زوج)

ملاحظات (3)

أكتب مراجعة نقاط Z وأخبر الآخرين ما هو رأيك! إذا كنت واحدا من أول 5 لتقديم إما الاستعراضات، ستحصل على ضعف
  • By 75b119p5 Aug. 11, 2017 at 07:32:58 AM

    Moolto belli! Li ho comprati per mia mamma e li adora!
  • By mluleen Aug. 08, 2017 at 20:56:32 PM

    me gustaron mucho son perfectos
  • By sandundermyfeet May. 22, 2017 at 01:06:46 AM

    This caught my attention because the design can pass as art noveau or ethnic or bohemian, which is a very good thing for an accessory since you can use it for multiple styles. Very versatile and money-saving. It came in a bubble-wrap package to protect the earrings from being broken or damaged while in transit. I like that it\'s not that huge, just the right size for my face. What I didn\'t like though are that they came with these silicone type earring backs or clutches. Though these are nice because they are hypo allergenic, for me these type of earring stabilizers lessens the quality or the over all appearance of the accessories. Not a big deal though, because I have a lot of them in metal ones and I could use them instead.
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