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فستان ضيق بلا اكتاف طباعة الأزهار سموكيد - أبيض M

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USD 17.44

سعر السوق USD 29.33

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يتميز هذا الفستان بطباعة الأزهار ومفتوحة الكتف.

نمط: نبذة
مناسبات: عارض,يوم,يخرج,الخروج ليلا
مواد: قطن,البوليستر
شكل: تنورة ضيقة
فساتين المدة: مصغرة
خط العنق: من على الظهر
طول الكم: أكمام قصيرة
نوع نمط: الأزهار
مع حزام: لا
الموسم: الصيف
وزن: 0.2400kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × اللباس

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  • By Fiona Apr. 29, 2018 at 09:51:59 AM

    I got the small. I was concerned that this wouldn't fit but it fits very nicely. It looks just like it does in the picture and it is very stretchy so it fits my body shape well. It is very beautiful and I think it could be used for a series of events. Although beautiful, it is semi see through. The texture helps to block that somewhat but I recommend wearing a skin-colored thong and strapless bra with this. I got the small and I still feel like this some extra length to it so don't order a size up because the stretchiness is REAL. One thing I am concerned about is the arms. I can't raise my arms up very far without fearing they will become disconnected from the dress, so I suggest being careful. If they do break off the dress it is still cute without them but sewing it back is possible if needed. They seem well attached so I'm not too worried. ALSO! The glasses and necklace do NOT come with it if your wondering! I will be wearing this dress to a dance and I will leave a second comment to see how it functions then. Also, it gets bunched up really easily and it doesn't feel like its made out of the best quality. It is a very pretty and unique dress and I'm not sure if I would recommend getting it. If you are getting this dress and want to paint your nails them then get french tips. One issue is finding a pair of shoes for the dress and I'm having trouble getting shoes to go with it... I suggest a light tan or white sandals or flats of some sort. And for shipping my dress came a week after I ordered it.
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