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سويت بلوفر رباط الظهر الرقبة V - نبيذ أحمر

التوفر: في المخازن


USD USD21.86

سعر السوق USD 36.47

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اكتب: البلوفرات
نمط: موضه
طوق: الرقبةV
طول الكم: ممتلئ
مواد: أكريليك,قطن,البوليستر
نوع نمط: صلب
وزن: 0.4750kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × سويت

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  • By elianafrancesca Jul. 04, 2018 at 22:27:57 PM

    This sweater is so great! The picture pretty much shows you exactly what you're going to get, but it might be a little misleading. Granted, after shipping, it's probably going to be wrinkled and the shape will be a little messed up, but the lace-up in the back is smaller than it appears to be in the picture. This is much more practical, though, because then your back won't be exposed, which would be uncomfortable in winter when I plan to wear this. Now, let me emphasize that this sweater is so. unbelievably. comfortable. It's great quality, but not the greatest quality in the world. I'm honestly so overjoyed at how amazing this sweater looks and feels and I plan to order it in other colors!
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  • By SofiaVeloso Nov. 26, 2018 at 09:27:13 AM

    This is a rather simple sweater, but with a detail in V. As for your material is made of a rather simple there, but what I liked the most is that it did not come with any defect. As for the finishing both from the outside and from the inside, I can say that I enjoyed it a lot. The size is unique, which as you can see was pretty good on the body.
    • سويت بلوفر رباط الظهر الرقبة V تعليقات
  • By Jamie S Sep. 17, 2018 at 11:42:09 AM

    Very oversized and comfy Super cute Fits well Love it Looks exaclty like the pictures True to size True to size Comfortable and of fantastic material
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